Eugene Levy Lookalike Pulls a Mr. Burns, Steals iPhone from a Baby

Remember when Mr. Burns tried to steal candy from a baby and (spoiler alert – from 10 years ago) ended up getting shot by Maggie Simpson? Similar idea, except no one gets shot, and this is real life. So basically, totally unrelated. A guy decided to seize an opportunity and stole an iPhone from a baby in a stroller! Note that the guy looks a bit like Eugene Levy – maybe it IS Eugene Levy! How many American Pie movies does one need to make to pay the god damn bills?

The guy has an awful long time to look around and actually commit the crime – where the fuck is Mom, anyway? The mom apparently gave her son the iPhone so he could watch Barney The Dinosaur (he’s still around?!) while she shopped in Ormskirk, northern England.

(via Geekologie and Crave)

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