A Commodore 64 Bass Guitar is Perfect for the Retro Nerd In You

With a guitar being the prominent rock instrument, the more memorable one can make it, the more memorable you are likely to be. And we all want to be memorable, right? We’ve featured some pretty cool guitars on this site, from the 3D printed ones, to the perhaps cheating gTar. We now feature one that video gamers from the 80s will love – a Commodore 64, fully functional bass guitar (via Digital Trends).

Commodore 64 Guitar (property of Jeri-Ellsworth)

Coolest bass guitar around, right?

Jeri Ellsworth has built a hybrid Commodore 64 / bass guitar and it looks very cool. But how does this guitar sound? Authentically awesome, because it uses the original chip sound from the 64 to process the sound, and it also can change the wave shape with the function keys. Check out a video of the guitar in action (with the demo around the 2 minute mark, after some nerdy technical descriptions which I will never understand). I’m looking forward to all video game systems being made into guitars -now get to it, Jeri!

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