Kickstarter Projects Raised Lots of Money in 2011

Kickstarter is a way to fund cool projects that require set amounts of sales in order to be produced. PeteHatesMusic has featured numerous gadgets from Kickstarter on this site. According to Slashgear, “Kickstarter says that more projects hit their funding totals in 2011 than were launched in all of 2010. In 2011, Kickstarter launched 27,086 projects and 11,836 of those were successful. That gave the site a project success rate of 46%. The most successful category was film with $32.4 million pledged; music was second with $9.2 million pledged.”

Almost $100 million was raised in 2011 alone. I think the PeteHatesMusic Rock Concert Fanny Pack contributed about $0 to the website. There’s always 2012 though!

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