File This Under Awesome: 3D Printed Guitars Made With Lasers

I know what you’re thinking – what do I have to eat to be as sexy as you, Pete? aren’t all guitars 3D? To this I reply – I don’t even know what 3D means – like, why did I have to wear those glasses to see Titanic Avatar? A man with the cool name of Olaf Diegel is a professor of (the equally cool name) mechatronics at Massey University’s School of Engineering & Advanced Technology in New Zealand. Now what Olaf has done is make some pretty awesome playable 3D guitars using lasers (via Mashable). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I didn’t kill her, she was dead when I found her everything is better with lasers.

Atom Blue (via

Sir, there's a hole in my guitar!

You can check out a full gallery of Olaf’s stuff at his ODD website (it’s actually called ODD, I didn’t capitalize it for a COOL effect). For those who like details, Diegel uses EOS Formiga P100 selective laser sintering system, and then prints sturdy and complex parts for his Spider and Scarab electric guitars series. Most of the guitars are hollowed out with cool designs, and it’s unclear how they sound, and how much they cost once they go for sale. Check out some pics below.

Scarabpinkbodysmall (via

Scarabpinkcloseup2small (via

Spiderblacksmall (via

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