Friday Afternoon Funnies – Granny G Sings a Song I Don’t Want to Hear

Howard Stern, what the hell are you doing? The foul mouthed, self-proclaimed “King of All Media” (especially floppy disks – zing!) is now a judge on the American TV show, America’s Got Talent. WHY? You’re super rich, and you like talking about strippers, not judging lame TV shows – did the divorce cost you THAT much? Stern joins Howie Mandel (of Bobby’s World Deal or No Deal fame) and some chick with a bad hair dye job on the talent show. The star attraction from a recent episode was Granny G. The 80 year old starts off by saying a phrase no one over the age of 50 40 35 should ever say – “This is Granny G and I’m talking to all you horny boys out there.” I can never un-hear that.

Granny G comes out using a walker, but it’s for show. She then busts into a rap about Family Values. I’m not sure if I got the message – I’m supposed to have lots of babies and be a dead beat dad? Check out the odd rap below, and be warned – some of the images will scar you for life. Stay tuned for the inevitable guest starring spot in a future music video.

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