Watch! Take That’s Gary Barlow-led Queen’s Jubilee Tribute Song – Sing

The moment we have all been waiting for. And by that, I mean to see what kind of disaster it will be. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is this mean, which means she’s been ruling the United Kingdom with her iron fist for a whopping 60 years. There are all sorts of celebrations and concerts. One of the dude’s from boy band Take That was given the task of coming up with a song to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee. We can only hope that the song is better than the not-so-inspiring title, which is called Sing.

Sing features 230 people and musicians from every Commonwealth state. Prince Harry even appears, as he does his best Liam Gallagher impression and has a tambourine solo. Asked what the Queen thought of the track, NME reports that Barlow said: “She was most interested in the stories of the people we had on there, as it represents her Commonwealth, the thing she’s the most proud of. She was tapping along.”

With the pre-amble given, you can pretty much tell how the sappy song will sound, but watch the video below and be prepared to “sing” along in June with the Queen. I love how Gary Barlow doesn’t have to paddle in the canoe ride he’s on – the perks of being the song writer. And yes, I was Canada’s contribution to the song – I drum on some igloos.

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  1. 2012/06/04

    […] anyone hear that terrible Diamond Jubilee song, Sing, that Take That singer/dancer Gary Barlow put together? I do feel a bit bad after watching a […]