Weekend Music – RUCKUS!

Ladies and gentlemen – meet Moombah.

The quick backstory: This is an entirely new (and entirely exciting) subgenre of dance music. Basically, a DJ in Washington DC (where a bunch of other zany subgenres of music originated) started slowing down his reggaeton tracks from their originally-produced 130~ish BPM to a much slower 110~ish BPM. The results?

Kids went crazy.

guy going crazy


So, producers started taking that same island reggaeton feel and backbeat, creating new tracks with hard electro instrumentation at 110~ish BPM, and playing it in clubs. The results?

Kids went even crazier.

Kid going crazy


Fast-forward 2 years, and meet one of the most talented guys making the kids go crazy – Valentino Khan. Making a name for himself by remixing the entire Watch the Throne album, Valentino looks like he might just complete the Danger Mouse-esque rise to fame. If this first release (which came out on MadDecent 8 months ago and was co-produced by equally talented, but harder to write about Will Bailey) is any indication, this scene is going to make a lot of kids go alot of crazy.

This is madness.


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