Amazing iPhone App, Remove, Gets Rid of People In Your Photos

Sometimes people get in the way of your picture perfect, er, picture, and you wish they weren’t there. Other times, you get in the background of people’s pictures to photobomb them, only for them to discover when they later view the pics that you’ve ruined their photos. Yup, it’s a fun hobby. Well, now there is a new iPhone app called Remove which lets you get rid of annoying people like me who ruin photos (via Crave). But you don’t need it just for nice, scenic pictures – think of the possibilities. You can remove ex-girlfriends from all your favourite pictures! Having an affair? Eliminate the proof!

The app isn’t released yet, and won’t be available for an estimated 3-12 months (a nice, precise estimate). You can watch a video of THE MAGIC! Remove below.

Being a huge Radiohead fan, and since we’re talking about photobombing, I would be remiss to not show you the ultimate photobomb picture. Pretty sure you wouldn’t want to remove him from the background.

thom yorke photobomb

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2 Responses

  1. Darryl says:

    Why are there 4 Thom Yorkes in that photo?

  2. pete says:

    Ha – I never actually noticed that. This must be a photoshopped version of the original. Either that, or Thom Yorke is a witch!