Watch John Malkovich Use Siri in Two New Apple iPhone 4S Commercials

Apple – we know you exist! We know iPhones exist. We know Zooey Deschanel cannot look outside to determine if it’s raining. Yet you still need to show us how awesome you are and how much we need Siri in our lives. If I could draw a graph of the 100 times I’ve used Siri, it would be 99 in the first week, and 1 in the past 6 months. Anyone else have the same graph?

But anyway, celebrity ads are always fun, and Apple usually makes good ads, so why not combine the two yet again? Check out not one but two ads with John Malkovich, who is an actor who I have NO CLUE what he has done in the past decade (aside from Burn After Reading, of course).

Ad #1

Ad #2

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