Watch! TV’s Andy Levy Has Some Words for Chris Brown

The Internet is made for controversy, I’m convinced. People can say things that they wouldn’t normally say to someone’s face, and hide behind their computer. This leads to some “news” that would never be news if not for the Internet. On the other hand, it leads to some awesome insults and war of words that feeble minds like myself thrive on.

Now, apparently this is an old video, but it’s making the rounds since woman-beater Chris Brown performed at the Grammys, and is somewhat relevant again. Singer Chris Brown tweeted something, Andy Levy responded with an insult over Twitter, and then a mob of Chris Brown’s fanbase attacked Andy Levy (online, of course, not in real life).

Andy Levy takes to Fox News (like all good journalists do) to issue an apology dripping with sarcasm that gets the PeteHatesMusic stamp of approval. Check out the video below.

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