Friday Afternoon Funnies: If Breaking Bad Was a Nintendo Game

Perhaps you have seen or played the Saved by the Bell 8-bit YouTube “video game”. It’s a choose-your-adventure game, in the style of a retro Nintendo game.

A similar treatment has been done to the hit TV show, Breaking Bad (via Crave). However, this time it is a video parody, and not an actual playable game, which is a damn shame. For those not familiar with Breaking Bad, you have an assignment this weekend. Essentially, the show is about a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has cancer, and decides to use his chemistry skills to cook crystal meth.

The video follows the show in 8-bit format, showing the various choices that the “hero”, Walter White, comes across. Watch the four-season summary, elegantly done, 8-bit styles (and that goes for the soundtrack, too, of course). If you don’t want the show ruined, do not watch it!

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  1. 2012/08/31

    […] little dance number (via Boing Boing). To also get amped up for the season finale, check out the Breaking Bad video game spoof, too. Perhaps play both at the same time for the ultimate Breaking Bad experience. Just add crystal […]