Friday Afternoon Funnies – Bride, Groom, and Guitars

People often get married because they are crazy have a lot of common interests. Some people are quite passionate about these interests, and try to work them into their proposals, or if the bride is cool (or geeky) enough, into their actual wedding. There’s Star Wars weddings, Toronto Maple Leaf weddings, and all kinds of nerdy and sporty weddings.

wedding with guitars via Yahoo screen cap
In recent years, couples have been sprucing things up by entering theor reception to all sorts of shitty dance routines that have gone viral on YouTube. Now, combining the rambling preamble that I just typed out is a couple who combined their love of music – specifically guitars – and their entrance. However, the entrance was to the ceremony, and not the reception – old-fashioned, they are not.

According to Yahoo, the groom Jordan Strauss is a guitar teacher, and wanted a ceremony that revolved around guitars and his wife (obviously). Check out the rock n’ roll ceremony, and wonder how he ever convinced his wife Andrea to do this. Something about hearing the classic wedding song with hair metal-esque guitar sounds makes me crack up. If I manage to trick a girl into marrying me, I can’t wait to live-blog the event from the front of the room, and tweeting my vows in 140 character blocks. New age weddings!

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