Natrually, Billy Corgan Talks Pro Wrestling

In a logical career and business move, Smashing Pumpkins front man decided to write songs that DON’T suck start an indie professional wrestling company. The company is called Resistance Pro and they have their first show tomorrow night at the Chicago Excalibur Club (via NME).

“We have to start in Chicago and build a name for ourselves and build enough of a reputation to take it other places. It’s a serious endeavour. I want this to succeed strictly on its ideas. If I had to artificially prime the audience because of my musical life that’s sad. This is going to succeed on its own ideas, not because I jumped the shark,” Corgan said, as he prepared to jump the shark. The frontman explained to Billboard that he was a fan of wrestling as a child and later rediscovered the sport as an adult. “Our vision is to try to grow talent,” he added of Resistance Pro, which he co-owns with promoter Gabe Baron.

The Smashing Pumpkins – bringing back quality entertainment to trailer parks near you.

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