How A Tweet Can Make Your Career: When Stephen Fry Tweets About You

English actor Stephen Fry might have changed a young guitarist’s life. And by might, I mean definitely did. For those who don’t know Stephen Fry, shame on you he has been in numerous TV shows and movies, including Blackadder, V for Vendetta, and is the current host of the show QI here in Britain. Basically, he’s a pretty popular dude. So when Mr. Fry saw Jon Gomm’s guitar work on YouTube, he tweeted about the awesomeness he saw, by linking to it, saying “Wow” and then hashtagging Jon Gomm (via Daily Dot). That’s #jongomm for those who couldn’t mentally combine the two for yourself.

Fry, he of nearly 4 million followers on Twitter (literally 4 million more than PeteHatesMusic), tweeted about this on January 19. Gomm has gone from playing casual shows, to appearing on national TV in Portugal, Holland, and Turkey, as well as appearing on the BBC in the UK. Since January 19, I have gone from sleeping on the streets to sleeping on a couch on the streets – not quite a Jon Gomm-esque change in life status.

This popularity and exposure increase reinforces the power of a) the Internet b) Twitter and c) influential people backing unknown people. Recent examples including Canadian act, Walk Off the Earth, who covered Gotye, got tweeted by Russell Crowe and have since appeared on Ellen and other shows. Check out the Jon Gomm video below and see what wowed Stephen Fry.

[youtube nY7GnAq6Znw]

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