TIME’s Shortlist for Most Influential Person of 2012 Has a Musical Flavour to It

TIME magazine does this thing where it picks the most influential person of the year for its Person of the Year. Last year it was “The Protester”, which isn’t technically a person. The shortlist of 38 people has been released, and it includes some people from the world of music. Sadly, the one-two “punch” of Chris Brown and Rihanna did not make it.

We have Gangnam Style singer Psy, jailed (well, 3 of them) Russian punk band Pussy Riot, and Obama’s best friend, Jay-Z (via Gigwise). Oh, President Obama gets a nod, too. See the entire list over at TIME, and wonder why the heck I’m not there.

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  1. 2012/11/30

    […] TIME magazine Person of the Year shortlistees, Pussy Riot, will have a documentary about them debut at the 2013 edition of the Sundance Film […]