Watch! Caveman – Old Friend

New York band Caveman released a new album this year called CoCo Beware. Pete used up all the references to 80’s-wrestler-with-a-parrot Koko B. Ware when he showed you the video for the song Thankful. The band has now released a very creepy/weird new video for the track, Old Friend (via

You know a video is going to be creepy when it opens with a black and white shot of an old house at night while spooky music plays. There is an old woman who gets a frightening call at home from someone demanding an envelope. She doesn’t understand, but the person on the phone tells her he’s in her house and that he’s walking up her stairs. She frantically calls the police before we see the man walk up the stairs and attack her. The video then gets mega-weird.

The scene then shifts to what looks like a weak junior-high party. A younger woman answers a telephone call, where the same mysterious man again asks for ‘the envelope’. The rest of the video is really too odd to describe, you have to check it out. This vid will get a lot of airtime at Halloween I bet. It’s part Psycho, part Scream, part odd as hell. Have a look:

Caveman – Old Friend

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