Make Your Ears Happy – 2H April 2018

April is over, so that means my tax return is late yet again. Nothing is certain but death and taxes, unless you never do a tax return, and are still alive. Take that, Benjamin Franklin! But enough about old idioms, let’s talk music.

Leon Bridges - Good Thing

Like earlier this month, some key artists dropped 2 tracks in 1 half of the month, which means they get a double feature, since I couldn’t be arsed to pick just one of their tracks. You’re welcome, Lykke Li and Jean-Michel Blais (again, with the double release). We also have new tunes by She & Him, some Kanye West guy, and more instrumental stuff than you may care for.

Check out the second half of April playlist below, and our 2018 Master Playlist on Spotify, and follow it, and play it, and feed it, and keep it warm – like the plant you wish you didn’t kill (when “watering it” for your neighbour).

Make Your Ears Happy – 2H April 2018

Master Playlist in Spotify

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