CMW Critical Conclusions for: Gosti

The second band on my bill for a Thursday night Canadian Music Week show was Australian act Gosti, proving that you don’t need to be Canadian to partake in a week celebrating Canadian music.

Gosti at CMW2016

Venue: Cameron House (Back Room)

First Impressions: The Australian singer-songwriter Larissa Agosti (“Gosti”), with help from a local keyboardist, launched into first song without speaking or introducing herself, confusing some people who initially thought it was a soundcheck of sorts. Way to take command.

Stage Presence: Hey, Aussie accent! Gosti chatted a lot between songs, which showed her friendliness. Similar comments to Boreal Sons – small stage, not much to do on stage.

Crowd Reaction: It consisted of 20 people sitting down. But they seemed to like it I guess?

Last Word: I really liked her vocals. I’d love to see her in a full band or different instrumentation, to really draw those vocals into other areas. That being said, I found many of the arrangements a tad boring or simple (hence my previous comment). 6.5/10

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