Make Your Ears Happy! January 18, 2016 Edition

You probably felt the Internet explode when Kanye West dropped his new song with Kendrick Lamar. In case you missed the explosion, you can catch his hot new track, No More Parties, alongside a new video by English rockers Foals, and a fine new tune from Halifax’s Wintersleep. Make your ears happy, today and every day (and that means not stabbing them with Q-Tips.

Wintersleep - The Great Detachment

Kanye West featuring Kendrick Lamar – No More Parties in L.A.
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
A minimalist description: Kanye + Kendrick! Sounds like ‘old school’ Kanye, which is a nice throwback to his slick sampling days.

Foals – Birch Tree
Location: Oxford, England
Select Previous Posts: Too many. Try these on – Give It All, A Knife in the Ocean, Mountain at my Gates, Late Night, and My Number
A minimalist description: Another video from one of the best albums of 2015. A simple, pop-like groove and a catchy chorus

Wintersleep – Amerika
Location: Amerika Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Select Previous Posts: Resuscitate, Nothing is Anything (Without You), and our interview with the band
A minimalist description: Well, the beginning sounds like the Pixies song Where is My Mind. After that passes, we get a fabulous song with a swirling, group chorus.

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