Watch! Editors – Formaldehyde

When we interviewed Russell Leetch from Editors, he said the new song that he was most proud of was Formaldehyde. “We had this song for about 4 years. It almost made me commit musical suicide. I had given up on this song so many times, the initial demo was out there and we just couldn’t get anything going.”

Formaldehyde is now their new single, and has a slick video directed by British film maker Ben Wheatley (A Field In England, Kill List, Sightseers).

Editors - Formaldehyde via YouTube screen cap
The track is one of the strongest on their new album, The Weight of Your Love, showcasing those strong, anthemic yet melodic vocals of singer Tom Smith. Check it out below, and get ready for a nice spaghetti western, too.

Editors – Formaldehyde

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