Listen! Beirut – No No No

We haven’t heard too much from horn-filled band Beirut lately. We saw them at Field Day in London in 2012, and a couple of videos from their excellent last album, and that’s the last of it. Good news – the band’s follow up to Riptide is out this September, and is called No No No. The album follows a complicated 2 years for singer Zach Condon, who went through a divorce and admitted to a hospital for exhaustion. No No No indeed.

Beirut - no no no

The first track we get to listen to, after an album of scrapped tunes, is the title track, No No No (which one up’s The Field’s No No by one No). The track features Condon’s unmistakable voice, with that horn tinged backing sound the band do so well. The band roll into Toronto for 2 shows (Nov 13, 14) to end their upcoming tour. Listen to No No No below.

Beirut – No No No

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