Weekend Music: Friday the 13th

Here are 10 new tracks to turn up loud this weekend.

1. Four Tet originally made this remix of Coldplay’s Fix You for the 2005 album release of X&Y. Wherever this has been hiding, we’re very glad it found the light of day. This is gorgeous.

2. Royce Wood Jr. – Midnight. Soulful electro-funk from Brighton UK.

3. Everything Everything – Distant Pass.

4. Rock! Go extra loud for Black Peaks’ Glass Built Castles.

5. Not sure how to describe this one… somewhere between silent film music and Outkast? Ediburgh’s Young Fathers – Rain or Shine

6. Never been to Oakland, but I hear it’s nice this time of year. Also, it’s the title of this Panic City track.

7. Madness from Berlin’s Boys Noize – Dawnload.

8. Smoothness from New Zealand’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi Love.

9. Amazing rhythms meet some insane noises. Warp Records’ DJ Nigga Fox – LUMI

10. This is the Reflex Re-version of Dee-lite’s Groove Is In The Heart. It’s a remix made from all the original song stems.

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