Listen! White Shadows – Give Up Give Out Give In

The Vines were hailed by the British press (well, NME) as “Nirvana meets the Beatles”. Oh you know, just the most revered bands of the 1990s and 1960s, respectively. The crazy thing? They DO sound like these bands in some respects. The Craig Nicholls-led outfit had epic performances on David Letterman, had a few smash hits, and then had diminishing returns with future albums (although you can make one killer Best Of album from their work). Why I am talking about all of this? Craig Nicholls has combined forces with Nick Littlemore (Pnau, Empire of the Sun), and Sam La More (Peking Duk, Parachute Youth) to form White Shadows.

White Shadows - Secret of Life

Nicholls noted he had wanted to make “an electronic Fantastia” record, and this is how the band began (you know, your typical band formation story). The new song is called Give Up Give Out Give In. It starts off with hazy vocals, before slowly adding electronic layers, ending in an explosive and powerful sound towards the second half of the song. A strong return from Nicholls. The album, Secret of Life, is out April 14 in North America.

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