Listen! Trickfinger – After Below

His name gets him in the door. That is John Frusciante, former guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has continued to dive into experimental music, and adopted the moniker Trickfinger. He will drop a self-titled album on April 7, which is described as “experimental acid house”, a description alone that blows my mind thinking how it might sound. His name may get him in the door, but his first track as Trickfinger keeps him here and earns him a post.

Trickfinger via SoundCloud screen cap

Our first taste of um, acid comes with the track After Below. It is a driving, pulsating loop, mixed with a simple backbeat, both of which evolve throughout the song. Nothing radically unique, but interesting and diverse enough for you to give it a spin. Give it a listen below.

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