PeteHatesMusic End of Summer Mix: Best Music from June, July, and August

Well, well, well. My calendar tells me that summer is all but over, but the sweat on my couch in my non-air conditioned house tells me otherwise. Due to my World Cup travels and constant summer laziness hangovers, I’ve decided to combine the playlists that I missed posting from June, July, and August into one super post.


Sadly, nothing is super about this post except for my use of the word ‘super’. But you do get a whack of awesome songs in one post, so fuck yeah – it is super. We have 16 tracks for you to blast and turn your mood into a good one. That’s 1 song for each week of summer, or something like that. Check out the PeteHatesMusic End of Summer Mix, and tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @PeteHatesMusic.

Grimes (feat. Blood Diamonds) – Go
Banks – Drowning
Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
Vaults – Lifespan
Cut Copy – Meet Me In A House Of Love
Laura Doggett – Phoenix
Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence
Nate Eiesland – Drifting
Owl John – Red Hand
Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine
Jack White – Lazaretto
Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me
La Roux – Tropical Chancer
TOPS – Outside
Stars – From the Night
Interpol – Ancient Ways

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