Morning Music Notes – The Second Coming of Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom Shows Trailer for Megabox Torrent Site

The music industry might have reason to worry a little bit, as Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom, has prepared a trailer with screenshots of his next service, Megabox (via Digital Trends). The free service will revolutionize the music industry, claims Dotcom, which is a good claim for a service you are about to launch.

The key to the service is Megakey, which is like an ad blocker, but it actually replaces ads with ads for Megabox instead. So maybe it’s not like an ad blocker then? If you want free music, you need to install Megakey. Otherwise, you have to pay, and let’s be honest, only suckers pay for music.

The trailer seems to show stats about bands, their social presence, who else is listening, and other such metrics that could be useful for music discovery. The trailer starts off a little weird, but check out some of the Megabox screenshots below.

Moon River Singer Andy Williams Dies at Age of 84

Popular from his Christmas TV specials and his Moon River hit, Andy Williams has passed away at the age of 84 (via Rolling Stone). Williams had 18 gold records and 3 platinum records in his lengthy 70 year career.

Twitter Fight! Azealia Banks Pulls Single After Producer Munchi Claims Track was Stolen

Azealia Banks was all ready to launch her new single, Esta Noche, but had to pull out at the last minute, since producer Munchi claims the track was stolen for her Fantasea mixtape (via Pitchfork). Munchi went on a rant, saying “Everyone who wanna download the track – it is already out. She stole my track on her mixtape Fantasea without permission.

Bitch trying to buy me off after trying to blame me on this shit, fuck outta here. “25.000 and a public apology” GTFO with this bitchshit.

Industry thinks its alright to be like this and fuck people over. Everyone takes it in the ass and take their apology money. Fuck off.
I don’t give a fuck who you are – if bitch is your nature I do not fuck with you. I DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY MY NIGGA. Respect is not bought.

@azealiabanks good luck being a dickriding, trackstealing, sorry excuse for a artist. Have fun with the fame – it’ll get back at ya.”

Dickriding seems a little harsh, no? Azealia has said she’s still going to shoot a video for the song, and also tweeted “@originalmunchi I suggest you shut the fuck up… Seriously.”

Hooray for Twitter fights.

Listen! Crystal Castles – Wrath of God

Crystal Castles have officially announced the name of their new album. It will be called III, it will be out on November 5, and it has somewhat haunting artwork taken from a Samuel Aranda photo that won the World Press Photo Award.

Crystal Castles - III

We also have a haunting new song for you – Wrath of God – which wouldn’t sound totally out of play in a horror movie. The icy electronic song features somewhat distorted vocals from Alice Glass, fighting to get through the mix. Check it out below.

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