CMW Critical Conclusions for…PAPERMAPS (Canadian Music Week 2014 concert review)

Night 2 of CMW for PeteHatesMusic was spent at Velvet Underground (and later Rancho Relaxo) checking some small bands with big sound. Up first were Toronto indie band PAPERMAPS.


Venue: Velvet Underground

First Impressions: Immediately you notice Betty Dimo, whose talent on the bass and quiet stage presence somehow totally steals the show.

Stage Presence: Calm stage presence. No antics but own the stage in a subtle way with how in tune they are with their instruments and how dedicated they are to their music.

Crowd Reaction: Literally everyone seemed to either be in a trance or seriously high.

Random Observation: The crowd was a decent size for a 9 pm start, so one would figure that PAPERMAPS has a following. The band thanked the crowd for being there but commented that they knew everyone was there to see the next band. This was confirmed by another CMW-goer – so sad. And not true – I left afterwards!

The Last Word: 9/10 – Hugely impressed with PAPERMAPS. This band is really underestimated. They self-describe their music as “guitar driven melodic power-pop”. Totally agree with the exception of one thing – bass driven! The deep wail of the bass courtesy of Betty Dimo is really something to hear and watch. Hopefully the crowd that was there to see the next band was as impressed as I was with PAPERMAPS.

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