5 Acts to Check Out at Canadian Music Week 2014

It’s May and Canadian Music Week is about to kick off – what kind of bizarro world are we living in? After 31 years in March, CMW has decided to relocate its week-long event to May for primarily “better weather”. Guess that didn’t pan out, thank you ‘Polar vortex’.

Anyway, not-super-warm weather aside, CMW starts tomorrow and ends on Sunday. Hundreds of artists play dozens of venues and you get single hours of sleep. With so much to see, we try to boil it down for you. Besides the ‘big names’ – City and Colour, Neko Case, Tegan and Sara, etc. – we let you know 5 acts that you should probably check out.


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STACEY (from Toronto, Ontario) – I’ve been a big fan of hers from Day 1. Her soft, heartbreaking piano songs hit the Gladstone Hotel as part of the Anchor Shop showcase. Saturday May 10 @ 9:00PM at The Gladstone Hotel.

BASECAMP (from Nashville, USA) – We featured the R&B/electronic indie sounds of the band last fall. They hit Lee’s Palace on Thursday at 10:00pm (note: not Wednesday as I originally wrote), and The Garrison on Saturday (well, Sunday AM) at 12:45am.

ODESZA (from Seattle, USA) – Not grunge rockers, but an electronic act that is bound to get you moving. Find out at Tattoo on Friday (Saturday…) at 12:30am.

PAPERMAPS (from Toronto, Ontario) – They made our list last year, so this makes it 2 years in a row, and keeps my streak of only ALL CAPS bands to 4 in a row. I’m pretty fuckin’ impressed with myself. The band, who are likely equally impressive, play Velvet Underground on Wednesday at 9:00pm, Rancho Relaxo on Friday (Saturday AM) at 1:00am

PAPERMAPS – Shadow Theatre

The Almighty Rhombus (Sudbury, Ontario) – Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s because they’re not an act with ALL CAPS, or maybe it’s the music – likely the latter. Catch them at Clinton’s on night 1 Tuesday (Wednesday AM) at 1:00am or Wednesday at 11:00pm at Rancho Relaxo.

Let us know who you’re catching and who we should also catch!

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