Morning Music Notes – The Lucrative Body Butter Market

More stuff from Pillar Point, who we first featured with his track Echoes. Now Pillar Point (Scott Reitherman) has a new track called Dreamin’.

Pillar Point - Dreamin' via YouTube screen cap

The video features some dreamin’ dancing going down in New York City. Not quite sure how no one got hit. Check it out below.

Pillar Point – Dreamin’

Morning Music Notes

The Chicago Tribune has been pretty good at determining the Lollapalooza headliners weeks in advance the past few years. They have reported on it again, saying that Eminem, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, and Skrillex are some of this year’s headliners. Is Osheaga, which happens in Montreal the same weekend, better? Sub out Eminem / Kings of Leon, and add Outkast / Jack White and see how you feel. (via Consequence of Sound)

One area that rockers haven’t tapped in the endless commercialism of music is the body butter market. Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew has now stolen the million dollar idea, and has teamed with Wildrose Magnolia to make Kevin Drew’s Tequila Lime Body Butter. Call 1-800-882-7151 to get some B-sides with your butter. Has the world gone mad? (via Exclaim)

Chris Martin is joining The Voice as a special coach and mentor. I don’t know the format since I don’t watch the show, but is this the one where they execute the people who don’t sing well? If not, can I run that show? As much as I like the new Coldplay track, Midnight, I can’t make out a bloody word he says, so I would ignore any advice that Martin who is rich, famous, and has a Hollywood actress for a wife lays out. (via Billboard)

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