Morning Music Notes – Three Score and Several Films Ago

I get music sent to me via every and all methods available. Well, except carrier pigeon – who wants to be the first? The latest ditty to be featured on our Morning Music Notes comes via Facebook and is by Madeline Mondrala. She’s living in Brooklyn (in case you were thinking of stalking her) and has a video for her track Busy.

Madeline Mondrala - Busy via YouTube screen cap
The track shows off her vocal range, and is accompanied by a piano line and interspersed with strings to give the song a bigger than life feel. If you like dancing, rundown surroundings and street art, you’ll like the video. Check it out below.

Madeline Mondrala – Busy

Morning Music Notes
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After several successful and impressive movie scores (Care Bears anyone?), Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is reportedly returning to doing another. He’ll team up again with director Paul Thomas Anderson – his third collaboration with him – and work on the score for Inherent Vice. (via Pitchfork)

If you haven’t figured it out in the past 6 months, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does whatever the fuck he wants – nothing will decrease his loyal support. Since he’s Rob Ford and he does what he wants, he declared yesterday Bob Marley Day in honour of (avid pot smoker) Marley’s birthday. Pot is the gateway drug that led Rob Ford to crack, so why not celebrate it. (via Hollywood Reporter)

If Pharrell Williams can wear that hat to the Grammys, I’m pretty sure he can do just about anything (much like Rob Ford!). He has said he would love to work with the Gallagher brothers – both of them. If Noel and Liam Gallagher ever wanted to regain worldwide recognition, teaming with Pharrell would be the way to do it. (via NME)

Will Ferrell has claimed that he is in fact Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. The two do look quite similar, and during a Reddit AMA, Ferrell said they look alike because they are the same person – PLOT TWIST! Chad Smith then decided to challenge Will Ferrell to a drum-off, because that’s what mature adults do. (via Gigwise)

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