Watch! Metric – Mother (John Lennon cover)

Oasis were renowned partially for having squabbling, alcoholic brothers but also because they had a not one but two people who could belt out a great tune for the band. Metric are known as a powerful force for the talents of singer Emily Haines and the musicianship behind the rest of the band. But do you wish you heard a little more from guitarist James Shaw? Even if you answer no for some reason, I’m still going to give you the answer.

Metric - Mother via YouTube screen cap
James Shaw and Emily Haines stopped by The Magic Shop Recording Studio in New York City and decided to cover John Lennon’s track Mother. It’s no secret the band are fans of the Beatles, given their Gimme Sympathy chorus. Watch Jimmy Shaw on the piano and vocals, with Emily Haines sprinkling in some backing tunes.

Metric – Mother (John Lennon cover)

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