Morning Music Notes – Boring Yet Popular

The Darcys are celebrating recent touring news with a brand new video. Following up an excellent video for Muzzle Blast and Itchy Blood, the Toronto band drop a new video for Horses Fell.

The Darcys - Horses Fell
Nothing is cooler than a labelmates tour, especially if you’re signed to Arts & Crafts. The Darcys hit the road with Reuben & the Dark, as well as NO (both PHM-featured acts), hitting up Lee’s Palace in Toronto on March 25. Check out the Vegas lounge video for Horses Fell.

The Darcys – Horses Fell

Morning Music Notes
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American folk artist Pete Seeger has died at the age of 94. He is known for songs such as Where Have All The Flowers Gone?, We Shall Overcome, and Turn! Turn! Turn!. (via Exclaim)

The Grammys were pretty popular, despite being unbearably boring at times. A whopping 28.5 million people tuned into the show, which is the 2nd largest number in 21 years (both of which seem like arbitrary comparison points, but I digress). (via Digital Music News)

One of the bands to play the Grammys was Daft Punk. They had a pretty cool stage set up and were one of the more interesting acts to play Sunday night. Check out some of the pictures off their cool stage set up below and over at Digital Music News.

Daft Punk Grammys via Digital Music News
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing at the Super Bowl, which isn’t in their sunny home state of California, but the rather cold state of New Jersey. More weird is the fact they are playing with Bruno Mars. What is this, some lame Grammys match up? Anyway, RHCP have said they will play a Led Zeppelin cover of Dazed and Confused, which means the show might not totally suck. (via Consequence of Sound)

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