Watch! The Darcys – Itchy Blood

The Darcys have been everywhere in 2013. Besides playing schools across Ontario (including the former high school of Rich and I), the band have dropped excellent song after song, including a video for Muzzle Blast, and tracks The River and Horses Fell. Now we get a taste of Itchy Blood, which doesn’t sound tasty at all.

The Darcys - Itchy Blood via YouTube screen cap

The video is an intriguing one, featuring two (presumably) sisters playing in an empty mansion while their parents are away. The video looks like it’s about to take a dark turn at any moment, but chooses not to go The Virgin Suicides route and stays arty. As for the song, the percussion drives the track along, while the gentle vocals compliment the song nicely. Check out the video below.

The Darcys – Itchy Bloody

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