Morning Music Notes – Together Aspire, Together Achieve (in Hamilton!)

Some new stuff from the Strumbellas, who will be hanging out at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto every week in February. The track is Sailing, which the band won’t be doing every week in February.

The Strumbellas - We Still Move On Dance Floors
The track has a poppy folk feel to it, with a catchy, layered chorus, and a sea of vocals. The song is from The Strumbellas’ sophomore album, We Still Move On Dance Floors (which has some cool album art, too) – check it out below.

Morning Music Notes

Good news for those who live in Hamilton, which sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. The City will be opening up a music office, with the goal of rockin’ out! promoting music-related events, and boost the city’s music cred. How do I get a job there?? (via Exclaim)

It has been confirmed that U2 will release a charity single during the Super Bowl on February 2. The song is Invisible (like my charitable donations), and ties together a partnership with Bono’s Aids charity RED and the Bank of America. (via Telegraph)

More Super Bowl news: If you’re skeptical over the functionality and practicality of Google Glass, you and billions of others will get the chance to see what it can do. There is a Google-CBS Super Bowl tie-in. Viewers can watch the game from the vantage point of sports anchor John Kucko from CBS’ WROC-TV Rochester affiliate. Nice marketing, Google. (via Slash Gear)

Jay Z has a $600 million lawsuit against him – ah, the hassles of being rich; everyone wants to sue you. Entrepeneur Francois de Cassagnol claims that he trademarked the Brooklyn Nets name waaaaaaaaaay before the NBA moved the team from New Jersey. (via Gigwise)

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