Morning Music Notes – An Actress Who Now Sings Covers a Fellow Actor Who Now Raps

The Sex Pistols Say No to the London Olympics

The Sex Pistols have turned down an invitation to play during the Closing Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, shocking no one with their decision (via The Guardian). The Closing Ceremonies end the 2.5 weeks of Olympic madness (and Tube congestion) on August 12. During the Closing Ceremonies, there will be a Symphony of British Music, for which the Sex Pistols were asked to play. Singer Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon, who is now in the terribly named Public Image Ltd (PiL), told the organizers ‘no’. The band would’ve represented the punk era. Now, they will ask One Direction to fill in. I’m kidding, and I REALLY hope they don’t appear in any capacity.

New White Stripes Concert DVD, and Unreleased Tracks from The Raconteurs Coming Our Way

Jack White’s Third Man Records is dipping into the Vault – capitalized because it’s a name of their subscription series – to release their 12th item in the series (via Consequence of Sound). The goodies? A new live White Stripes DVD called Under New Zealand Lights, which consists of footage from their November 2000 show in Auckland and their October 2003 show at Freeman’s Bay Primary School. Presumably very few young kids knew who the White Stripes were back in 2003.

Also being released is a 7″ record with 2 unreleased tracks by one of Jack White’s other band, The Raconteurs. The two tracks are leftovers from Consolers of the Lonely album, but appeared on fellow Raconteur Brandon Benson’s solo albums. The tracks are You Make a Fool Out of Me (which is what I say to my shoelaces), and Open Your Eyes.

Surprise? The Chinese Boy Who Sold His Kidney to Buy iPad and iPhone Isn’t Doing So Well

It seems like people will do anything to get an iPad. Why get a paper route when you can sell your kidney to buy one?! This is just what one 17 year old kid did last year in China (via Geekologie). How is he enjoying his iPad? We don’t quite know, as he is now suffering from renal failure, since his one remaining kidney can’t properly filter toxins from his blood.

“Xinhua news agency reported that the five include Song Zhongyu, a surgeon from a provincial hospital in Yunnan province, Su Kaizong, who works in a hospital urology department and ringleader He Wei, who organised the operation to pay off his gambling debts. In total, the project generated 220,000 yuan (£21,971) of which Wang was given 22,000 yuan (£2,197) and the rest split between the five who have been charged with intentional injury.”

At least he can play Draw Something and Angry Birds, right?

Watch! Alison Bree and The Girls Cover Fellow Community Star, Childish Gambino

If that headline was confusing, let me bring you up to speed. Actress Alison Bree plays Annie in Community (and as I found out last night, Pete Campbell’s wife Trudy in Mad Men). Also on Community is Donald Glover (Troy), who raps under the name Childish Gambino. Alison Bree now has a band called Alison Bree and The Girls (via Buzzfeed). The band also consists of Julianna Guill and Cyrina Fiallo. Apparently they just do cover songs (for now?), and one of the songs they sung was Childish Gambino’s These Women. You can watch the video, shot in New York over the weekend (and has the beginning slightly cut off), down below. I’ve also included the original, so that you can compare. And everyone says I’m so mean.

Alison Bree and The Girls – These Girls (Original: Childish Gambino)

Childish Gambino – These Girls

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