Morning Music Notes – Nicolas Cage Tribute Albums

A couple of heavyweights dropped new singles yesterday. First up, Damon Albarn. Yesterday, we learned his album is called Everyday Robots. He also wrote over 60 songs for consideration for the album. How about converting some to Gorillaz tunes?

Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots via YouTube screen cap
According to YouTube, “The video for lead single and title track ‘Everyday Robots’ is directed by artist and designer Aitor Throup and uses CGI software and actual cranial scans to create a unique digital portrait of Damon.” Um, sure? Check out the track below.

Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

Morning Music Notes

The other dude to drop a new track is the eclectic folk / everything rocker, Beck. His latest sampling is Blue Moon, and it’s not an Elvis cover (right?). It’s mellow Beck, with his vocals shining through the harmonic acoustic track.

Beck – Blue Moon

For those who like joint performances (and I’m not talking drugs), not only will you get Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr at the Grammys, but apparently Jay Z and Beyoncé, who we see together all the time, will also do a track. (via MTV)

A fan got a chance to play basketball with members of Arcade Fire and Pearl Jam in Australia. They repaid him by breaking his nose when he played tough defense. At least he got the VIP treatmen after. (via Gigwise)

Have you wondered what classic album art would look like if Nicolas Cage was photoshopped onto the covers? Now you don’t have to – stop your Nic Cage marathon and check out the gallery over at Pigeons and Planes.

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