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Another new video from Toronto electro-pop band Austra. Being named one of PeteHatesMusic’s Top Albums of 2013 wasn’t enough – the band haven’t given up, and are still releasing new videos. The one below is for single Hurt Me Now.

Austra - Hurt Me Now via Screen cap
The video shows the band playing in some kind of dance studio – and that’s about all I understand. I never good was interpreting ‘stuff’. Look for a deeper meaning below, and enjoy the track (via Dazed Digital).

Austra – Hurt Me Now

Morning Music Notes
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Jimmy Fallon will soon be the coveted (by Jay Leno) host of The Tonight Show. He takes the reins on February 17, and we all know how that worked out for Conan O’Brien. The first musical guests? U2. Not bad. The band will be in full promotion mode, as they are also rumoured to debut a new tune during the Super Bowl, and are also up for an Oscar. (via Consequence of Sound)

Blur/Gorillaz/The Good The Bad and the Queen and other bands’ front man, Damon Albarn, is releasing his first solo album. It is rumoured to be out on April 28, and will be called Everyday Robots. It’s clearly a concept album where he slowly reveals he is actually a robot, right? (via Pitchfork)

Jonny Greenwood has made some interesting compositions in his downtime from Radiohead. The National’s Bryce Dessner has also started up some classical compositions of his own. Now, their works have been combined on a split album, as the pieces were performed by the Copenhagen Phil and conducted by André de Ridder, including Dessner on guitar for a couple of tracks. (via Exclaim)

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