Weekend Catch Up: [Sebell]

It’s almost 2014, which means the Mayans were wrong! Oh wait, I guess we’ve known that for a year. Well, in anticipation of whatever apocalypse awaits us, I figured I should furiously clear out my musical bookmarks of songs that didn’t initially get posted but probably should’ve. Blame alcohol, blame ‘life commitments’, blame the stray cats that think they can live in my apartment and drink all of my milk – I apologize for not being the “first!” blogger to post these tracks.

Sebell - Promiseland
Anyway, we have a catchy, piano-led indie pop track by [Sebell]. The track is called Promiseland, which is a place I never manage to take girls. The falsetto chorus and staccato beat should hook you. Catch up with [Sebell] below.

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