Morning Music Notes – It’s Official

We have something from Vancouver to kick off your morning. We have a silky smooth, falsetto filled track for you, which sounds like what you need this morning. That, and maybe a swig from that whiskey bottle beside your bed. The track is by Wake Owl, which somehow seems appropriate for a segment called Morning Music Notes.

Wake Owls - Candy
The track that you’re being awoken to is Candy, which just happens to be one of my favourite things. The debut album of Wake Owl is called The Private World of Paradise and is out on March 4. Listen to their track below and determine if you’ll be illegally downloading buying their album in a few months.

Morning Music Notes
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It’s official – Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn will release his first solo album in 2014. Check out a 20 second teaser. (via Billboard)

It’s official – Beastie Boys have counter-sued GoldieBlox toy company for copyright infringement. Go Beasties! (via Consequence of Sound)

It’s official – Led Zeppelin has come to Spotify. They are one of the last major holdouts (some Beatles band isn’t on there, and I don’t think Thom Yorke is a fan). (via Rolling Stone)

It’s official – Kanye West wants a Grammy nomination in every category for everything that he does. He went on an epic rant earlier this year, and now he has done it again during his Yeezus tour. He ‘only’ got 2 nominations. He’s not happy. He currently sits 5th all-time with 53 nominations and 6th all-time with 21 wins. Yowzers. (via Billboard)

It’s official – I should summarize all news from now on starting with those words. And maybe I will.

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