Morning Music Notes – Blogging is Like Being a Soldier, Too

One of the most underrated bands has to be Manchester’s Doves. They write the kind of stirring and layered tracks that should be more popular on both a critical and commercial level but just aren’t for some unknown reason. After 2009’s excellent Kingdom of Rust, the band haven’t been up to much. Thankfully, singer Jimi Goodwin has announced a solo album!

Jimi Goodwin
Even better is that the news comes with a new song. The track is called Oh! Whiskey! which is what I say to the bottle on my nightstand every morning. The guitar-strumming and harmonica-featuring downer of a track is off of March 24 release Odludek. The track morphs into a cool, new beat about halfway through, making me wish that Doves were still making music but making me grateful that Jimi Goodwin still is. Listen to his efforts below.

Morning Music Notes
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Kanye West – heard of him? In is latest insane proclamation, he has commented on the dangers of climbing the mountain during his stage show. “I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.” Getting paid millions to voluntarily climb a prop versus leaving your family and risk getting killed for your country – sounds comparable. (via Gigwise)

The statement above is why the recent spoof article that ran is amazing. In case you missed it, satirical site The Daily Currant ran a brilliant piece claiming that Kanye West said he’s the next Nelson Mandela. Poor timing on Kanye’s part or what? Since he didn’t actually say it, I suppose not. Since people aren’t familiar with satire, Kanye West came forward to clarify that he had nothing to do with the article, and would never dishonour Mandela’s life. At least he’s not completely crazy. (via NME)

Do you like getting intimate in front of a video camera? With another person, of course. Well, Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene wants you…for a new video that he’s making. He wants you and ideally your partner to be filmed “engaged in passionate and intimate sexual moments” and “in various states of undress.” Email a photo to [email protected] with a “short description of what love and lust mean to you.” (via Pitchfork)

In something that involves the exact opposite of various states of undress, Metallica became the second band to play the frigid Antarctica. 120 nerds scientists and contest winners (courtesy of Coke Zero) saw the band in a dome in Antarctica. Metallica are now the first band to play all 7 continents, which is a pretty cool feat. Check out a replay of the webcast below. (via Billboard)

Metallica in Antarctica (Dec 8, 2013)

Flying Lotus, hot off stealing cars curating a radio station for GTA V, has confirmed that he will follow up Until the Quiet Comes with a new album in 2014. The record apparently has a jazz feel, and might feature some unnamed collaborations. (via Consequence of Sound)

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