Morning Music Notes – Texts for Everyone

Toronto rockers The Darcys have been plowing us with videos from their recent release, Warring. And why not, it’s an excellent album. Following in the footsteps of Horses Fell, Itchy Blood, and Muzzle Blast, the Arts & Crafts-signed band have a new video for The Pacific Theatre.

The Darcys - Pacific Theatre
The track is a gentle ballad, with the video featuring singer Jason Couse sitting at a piano. He might be playing it, too. There might be special effects, too. Find out how it actually is by clicking play and making your ears happy below.

The Darcys – The Pacific Theatre

Morning Music Notes
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The favourite to win the Best Rap Album at the Grammys was Kendrick Lamar. Mackelmore and Lewis won, Mackelmore texted some weird ‘apology’ to Kendrick Lamar, and end of story, right? No – the text heard ’round the world still has life. Drake recently eloquently described the text as “wack as fuck”. Drake also said he wanted a text message. Good point. (via NME)

Jimmy Fallon has landed a lot of big names for his first week as host of the Tonight Show (hello U2, Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga!). The man who is replacing Jimmy Fallon is Seth Meyers, and he’s trying not to be outdone. His first week of musical guests for his new late night show includes one Kanye West. I guess Seth Meyers didn’t go the Jimmy Kimmel route and do a skit insulting the man in order to get him on the show.

U2 are gearing up for their big album release year. You’ve likely already seen their brand new video for Invisible. You can now read a lengthy interview between the Irish band and Hollywood Reporter to find out all the finer points of the band.

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