Watch! Los Campesinos! – Songs About Your Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day brings a new video from Los Campesinos!, who score bonus points from PeteHatesMusic for having an ! in their name. The Welsh indie rockers have a new video that has strippers, who are not living up to their names, as they have clothes on. What they also have on are masks of the band members. There’s nothing sexier than a hot female body with the mask of a dude for the face. Excuse me while I jab nails into my eyeballs.

Anyway, disappointing stripper news aside, Los Campesinos! have a new video for Songs About Your Girlfriend, from their disc Hello Sadness. All of this talk of girlfriends, disappointing strippers, and sadness is bumming me out. Fortunately, the song is not a downer. Give it a listen to below.

Los Campesinos! – Songs About Your Girlfriend

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