Morning Music Notes – Happy 50th, Let Me Do the Singing

Following up her Yellow Circles video, we have another new video from British singer LAYLA. This one is for her track Oh My Love, which I sing to my Barbie collection every night before I send them to bed with my Ken collection.

LAYLA   Oh My Love   YouTube screen cap
While Yellow Circles was an upbeat, clap-happy track, Oh My Love is a slower track, but still shows off the vocal talents of LAYLA. She’s also a fan of the close ups in her videos, so we get another video watching LAYLA sing the song back to us. Check out the ballad below.

LAYLA – Oh My Love

Morning Music Notes
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Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is back at it again. Not the Radiohead side of what he does, but the amazing instrumental composition side of him. The music was written for the Australian Chamber Orchestra and is set to premiere in 2014 at some point. (via Exclaim)

So what’s Kanye West up to? Has he claimed to discovered America and was the first man on the moon? No, he’s just doing fashion stuff with Adidas, and recording a new album to be produced by Q-Tip and Rick Rubin. As one does. (via Rolling Stone)

Other album announcements: will drop No Mythologies to Follow on February 24, and Talib Kweli will release Gravitas on December 15. It will feature Raekwon and Black Thought, but more interestingly, a track produced by the late J Dilla.

For my birthday parties, I like to get as drunk as possible, say regrettable things to close friends, and let other people do the cleaning up. Basically, minimize my work and maximize my ‘day after shame’. Singer Maynard James Keenan of Tool / A Perfect Circle / Puscifer has a different take on things. He’s about to turn 50 (I actually thought he was a bit younger), and will celebrate by playing a birthday gig with A Perfect Circle AND Puscifer at he Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on May 10. (via Rolling Stone)

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