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Unlike me, who ran naked across my school’s basketball court, Sam Smith first got some notice by appearing with Disclosure and their track Latch. The UK singer is now goin’ it alone, and is dropping an album in 2014. Ahead of that release, we get a new track called Money on My Mind.

Sam Smith - Money on my Mind
To give an idea of how buzzy Sam Smith is, the track has about 50,000 plays within 20 hours of being launched. My Singing in the Shower Sessions: Volume 7 still has 1 listen, and I think it’s from my stalker. The track is a skittery, dancey track with some soul-like vocals and a catchy chorus. The single is out in February – give it a listen down below.

Morning Music Notes
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Beck has announced the tracklisting to the 12 songs that will show up on Morning Phase. Do you think ‘Blue Moon’ is a cover or is about astronomy? (via Stereogum)

Spotify has announced Spotify Artists, to provide analytics about the Spotify business model. I’m guessing Thom Yorke won’t be subscribing to that. You can now find out exactly how poorly you will be paid for 10,000 streams of the track you worked years on producing. (via Slash Gear)

Grimes has announced her favourite songs of all-time because, well, she’s Grimes and she does what she wants, when she wants. Selections include Kanye West’s “Lost in the World, Majical Cloudz’ “I Do Sing for You”, Tool’s “Ænima,” Nine Inch Nails’ “March of the Pigs” and “Closer”, and so on. No Rebecca Black? Check out the full list on her Tumblr.

Kaiser Chiefs, who stormed onto the UK indie rock scene with the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys, and then promptly failed trying to recapture the glory of the first album, are back with their 5th album. It’s out on March 31 in the UK and is called Education, Education, Education & War. Check out an album teaser below.

Kaiser Chiefs – Education Education Education & War (Trailer)

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