Morning Music Notes – Breakups and Reunions

Here’s an interesting song for your Monday morning. It’s a mix of not ‘in your face’ electronic music and bass beats by Honolulu producer Jacuzzi.

Video- Jacuzzi - -Exodus- via Vimeo screen cap
The ever-evolving track is called Exodus. It starts off slow and sounds a bit like a classical piece, before it all falls away to the wonderful big beat intro. Check out the talent at work in the video below for the Jacuzzi track Exodus.

Jacuzzi – Exodus

(hat tip to Pigeons and Planes)

Morning Music Notes
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The Walkmen have announced an indefinite hiatus after 14 years of making albums. What this means is we’ll see the band playing Coachella 2018 in 5 years time. (via Billboard)

Speaking of reunions, Sleater-Kinney joined Pearl Jam on stage Friday night along with R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and R.E.M. contributor Scott McCaughey. The band have been inactive since 2006, and were blackmailed by Eddie Vedder who has some naughty photos of Corin Tucker. (via Exclaim)

BBC has revealed their Sound of 2014 poll, as voted on by people in the ‘biz’, nominating upcoming acts that they think will make a huge splash in 2014. Acts include PHM favourite Banks, as well as Chance the Rapper, Sampha, Say Lou Lou, and more. (via Gigwise)

If you are a fan of Arctic Monkeys and haven’t heard Alex Turner’s side project The Last Shadow Puppets with Miles Kane, you should get on that. Turner has said that something else in on the cards with Miles Kane but it might not be under the Last Shadow Puppets name. Any new Alex Turner stuff is always good news though. (via NME)

Any guesses who the top earning dead musician is for 2013? He (yes, that’s a hint) made triple what the guy in second place did. In second place was Elvis Presley with $55 million but in first place with $160 million was Michael Jackson. And who said being dead doesn’t pay? (via Hypebot)

Sir Paul McCartney sponsored a Japanese sumo wrestling team because, well, he’s Sir Paul McCartney. (via NME)

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