Morning Music Notes – Yellow Brick Road Leads to the Gym

Just because we posted an Arctic Monkeys video yesterday in the Morning Music Notes, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it again. Yesterday we saw a cool acoustic version of Why’d You Only Call Me When I’m High?. Today we get a black and white video for the track One for the Road.

Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
The new album AM is one of the best albums of 2013, with lots of strong tracks. One For The Road isn’t the strongest in my opinion – it’s well executed but their mellow and cooing vocals are better executed on the excellent string of tracks towards the end of the album. That being said, who doesn’t like watching millionaire rock stars race around in tractors. Then some chicks randomly show up for the night time shoot, complimented by fireworks. Works for me. Watch it below.

Arctic Monkeys – One For The Road

Morning Music Notes

Much like the UK charts, Beatles legend Paul McCartney fails to nab the number 1 spot on the US album charts. Number 1 is Pearl Jam, Miley Cyrus is number 2, and Sir Paul lands at number 3 (via Billboard)

Hopefully the booting of Sasha Baron Cohen isn’t foreshadowing what’s going to happen with future rock star biopics and their lead actors. The next big casting? Tom Hardy will play Elton John. Yes, Tom Hardy, the musclebound man who played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and was in Warrior. (via NME)

The new way to release albums is through (illegal) torrent website The Pirate Bay. Just ask Gatekeeper, who will be releasing an EP through the official Pirate Bay torrent on November 11. (via Digital Music News)

Who is the top earning dead celebrity? That ‘honour’ belongs to Michael Jackson. (via Telegraph)

Paul McCartney is prepping the release of his video for Queenie Eye. I only know that because of a Queenie Eye Making Of video that emerged. Johnny Depp stars in it below, and a million famous people pop up, as Paul offers up all sorts of nuggets about recording in Abbey Road Studios.

Paul McCartney – Queenie Eye (Making of)

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