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First of all, if you live in Toronto, you have until 9:30AM today to try and win Broken Bells tickets before they go on sale today. Find out how to enter here.

Broken Bells Present -After The Disco- - Part Two- Holding On For Life - YouTube screen cap
To further entice you to enter, the band have a new video as part of the Creators Project. It’s called Part Two: Holding On For Life, and stars Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara. Check out Danger Mouse and James Mercer rocking some unitards in the video below.

Broken Bells Present “After The Disco” | Part Two: Holding On For Life

Morning Music Notes
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Beck has given us some juicy details about his upcoming new album, Morning Phase. The album features a lot of the musicians from his Sea Change album, and comes from the traditions of “California music.” Three of the tracks were recorded at Jack White’s Third Man Records back in 2011. There’s also another album that will be out in 2014, which he’s been previewing through random single releases like Gimme, Defriended, and I Won’t Be Long. (via Pitchfork)

Pitchfork hasn’t been reading the headlines at all and have decided to launch a quarterly print magazine called The Pitchfork Review. Are they going to give their staff pagers, too? (via – surprise – Pitchfork)

For the first time since the pre-CD era of the 1980s, no albums have sold more than a million copies this year in the UK. The biggest album this year was actually released last year, and was the only million selling artist of 2013 – Emeli Sandi. (via Guardian)

Check out a trailer for Lane Del Rey’s short film Tropico, which features 2 things all movies need – strippers and gangs. NSFW due to the stripping part. A Tropico EP, with tracks from Lana’s Paradise Edition of Born to Die, will be out on December 5.

Tropico Trailer (NSFW)

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