Listen! Beck – Defriended

We just posted something new from Hot Chip and commented on our excitement of seeing new songs by them at Osheaga. It looks like we’ll also get some new stuff at Osheaga from everyone’s favourite weirdo, Beck. Beck has a new track on YouTube called Defriended, which is what every girl seems to do to me on Facebook after a first date. This usually seems to happen after I comment how hot their mom is – that’s a nice thing to do, isn’t it?

Beck - Defriended via YouTube screen cao

The new track is Beck through and through. Weird rhythms and electronic blips, unorthodox song structure and sounds, something that will make your parents change the channel as soon as they hear it on the radio. Ha – like this song will make it to the radio. Check out Defriended below, and add PeteHatesMusic to your Facebook feed.

Update: Rolling Stone reports that Beck plans to self-release two albums. One will be an acoustic album, which we already know about, while another will be the proper follow up to 2008’s Modern Guilt. Woooo!

Beck – Defriended

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