Morning Music Notes – You Can Still Vote (Just Not for Mitt or Barack)

Feeling left out that you didn’t get to vote in yesterday’s US election? Then vote for PeteHatesMusic for Best Music Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards, so we can stop doing shameless plugs. Four more years of typos, inappropriate pictures, and free candy! hilarious cat videos. Yes we can!

Dave Grohl to Appear on the New Queens of the Stone Age Album

Good news for those of you who liked Dave Grohl’s ferocious drumming on Songs for the Deaf – Grohl will feature on the newest album from Queens of the Stone Age (via Billboard).

The band shared the news by posting a picture of the soundboard, that said “J HO – guitar” and “Dave – Drums”. I’m guessing it wasn’t Dave Chappelle on drums, but that would be awesome if it was.

Last Week’s New: Hurricane Sandy Tweets

Yes, I realize the Morning Music Notes should be blah blah election blah blah Obama blah blah beer, but I don’t follow trends which is why this blog is terrible Last week’s news was about the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Some interesting technology and disease communication news was discovered though – Twitter is an excellent source for these things. Twitter has released some stats about how it was used during Hurricane Sandy (via Tech Crunch). These tweets include:

– People sent more than 20 million Tweets about the storm between Oct 27 & Nov 1. Terms tracked: “sandy”, “hurricane”, #sandy, #hurricane.
– Mobile usage from people in NYC peaked 10/29 around 9pm (approx same time as ConEd explosion), more than doubling usage from previous 2 days
– Between Saturday, Oct 27 and Tuesday, Oct 30, Tweets mentioning the Red Cross increased 30x.
– This week, mentions of the word “donate” is at a 180-day peak; the phrase “donate blood” is at a 365-day peak.

The Red Cross tweets are a good sign – people were looking to donate – or scammers were looking to scam.

Kim Dotcom Can’t Use Me.Ga Domain

Mr. Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, has already tested the launch of his new Mega cloud-storage website. He used the domain (how clever). But he wasn’t clever enough – .ga belongs to the country of Gabon (via via Slash Gear). Dotcom’s logic to using .ga instead of .com was to avoid US legal prosecution.

Gabon’s communications minister Blaise Louembe, who probably used to love downloading his shows on Megaupload, said that the domain will be suspended. He said that Gabon ““cannot serve as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights, nor be used by unscrupulous people.”

Now where’s the fun in that? It’ll help boost tourism, or something.

Watch! Snowblink – Goodbye Eyes

Snowblink - Goodbye Eyes (YouTube screen cap)

I really hope that Snowblink’s name refers to the feeling of blinking when you have snowflakes on your eyelashes – because that’s sort of cool. Anyway, we have a video for a mellow, mainly instrumental song that seems like more of an intro or prelude than an actual song. But that’s half the beauty of it – it’s simple, soaring, and has a lengthy introduction that focuses you to focus on the vocal ranges being sung. Check out a video (reminiscent of Stanley Donwood’s work on Thom Yorke’s The Eraser) below.

Snowblink – Goodbye Eyes

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