Morning Music Notes – Swimming in Money

We’ve featured a couple of tracks from Drop ElectricLittle Sister and Blue Dream. Here’s the hat trick video for you – Higgs Boson. Tomorrow, the band release the album Waking Up to Fire, which is what a few of my crazy ex-girlfriends tried to make me experience. Thankfully, I have a trusty security cat.

Drop Electric - Higgs Boson (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
Higgs Boson is a stunning scientific feat that happened earlier this year. While not as critical to humanity, the Drop Electric track Higgs Boson is a cutting electric track, with dreamy vocals, and a pretty cool video. Give it a viewing below.

Drop Electric – Higgs Boson

Morning Music Notes
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Despite a wave of publicity, including a free pop up show in London’s Covent Garden, Paul McCartney failed to land the #1 album spot in the UK. John Newman’s debut album was number 1, while Pearl Jam’s latest effort, Lightning Bolt, landed at #2. It’s reported that McCartney consoled himself by swimming in his billions of dollars (via NME)

Not a good weekend for tour launches. Kanye West cancelled night 2 of his tour in Vancouver, while Drake also canned his second show in Philadelphia. It is rumoured the artists instead spent their time swimming in millions of dollars.

There’s been a lot of chat about Morrissey, his biography, and his sexuality. He has clarified the book by stating “Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course, not many.” Humasexual – I knew it! (via Guardian)

Here’s a double whammy for you. You can watch a preview for the new Nelson Mandela movie, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, starring Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire). The second part of the double whammy is that a new U2 song, Ordinary Love, soundtracks the trailer. Check out the latest from U2, while we await the (partially Danger Mouse-produced) album in early 2014.

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